William J. Ickinger BACK

(Sawmi Sensei - Sawmis are not Swamis!)

60 Second Street, Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone/Fax: 740-593-7102
E-mail: sawmi@sharktown.com

Ph.D. in Administrative Science (May 1982)
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Organizational Behavior specialization

Master of Administration (March 1973)
University of California Riverside, Riverside, California

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (December 1966)
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Upon retiring from the University of Rio Grande in June 1999, Dr Ickinger was transfigured and became Sawmi Sensei - Sage, Seer and Organizational Holy Man.

Chair, Emerson E. Evans School of Business (June 1998-June 1999)
Professor of Management (June 1997-June 1999)
Associate Professor of Management (September 1992-June 1997)
Emerson E. Evans School of Business
University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio

Visiting Assistant Professor of Management (September 1990-June 1991)
College of Business Administration, Management Systems Dept.
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Lecturer in overseas programs Europe, Japan & Korea (August 1986-July 1989)
and in College Park (August 1989-January 1990)
University College
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior (August 1982-July 1986)
AB. Freeman School of Business
Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Adjunct Professor & Visiting Lecturer in Psychology (September 1980-May
University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut

Associate Director then Acting Director of Yale's Tuition
Postponement Option student loan program (July 1973-December 1979)
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Technical Line Supervisor (November 1969-November 1970)
Instrumentation Division
Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, California

Production Engineer (February 1967-September 1969)
Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corporation
Hicksville, New York

Dailey, R., Ickinger, W. and Coote, E. "Personality and Role
Variables as Predictors of
Tension Discharge Rate in Three Samples." Human Relations, Vol 39, No 11,

My research interest is focused on developing and extending a
methodology for the study of interpersonal distancing (proxemic)
behavior that I designed for my Ph.D. dissertation research. I have
long felt that this methodological approach is more powerful than
others that have been used to date.

The methodology may also be useful in marketing research to determine
how physical characteristics of certain products affect the
attractiveness of the products as perceived by consumers.

I have recently produced an explanatory package detailing the
methodology described above, consisting of a videotape and two
research papers. These materials are now available through the website www.sharktown.com

Dailey, R., Ickinger, W. and Coote, F. 'Personality and Role Variables as
Predictors of Tension Discharge Rate in Three Samples." 1985 Academy of
Management National Meeting, San Diego, California, August 1985.

Coote, F., Dailey, R. and Ickinger, W. "Sex Differences in Stress
A Comparison of Male and Female Managers. "1985 International Conference on
Women and Organizations, San Diego, California, August 1985

Panelist: Presentation and discussion on middle management
productivity. American Petroleum Institute Meeting, New Orleans,
Louisiana, May 1984.

The University of Maryland Asian Division Teaching Recognition Award
(March 1987)


I have obtained a U.S. patent on the apparatus used in the proxemics
research described above.

REFERENCES furnished upon request.