Module Four
"The Enneagram"

Diagram 4

A continued line of deviations forms a circle that brings us back to where we started- ie "everyday life"

This brings us to the enneagram. As shown in DIAGRAM 5, the enneagram ("nine sided figure") can be thought of as a symbol representing the process by which the "deviations" described in this primer (see MODULE 3) maintain our enthrallment in everyday life (or H48).

Although the proper function of the enneagram is to remind us of our situation and to stimulate us to make efforts to attain release from it, its meaning has, at present, been largely lost.

In fact the meaning of the enneagram has, over the years, gone through the same process of deviations that the enneagram symbolizes! At present it has become just another means to deviate our direction away from a quest for the higher levels of spiritual experience back into everyday life.

A large literature on the enneagram has sprung up over the last few years, mostly devoted to using it as a basis for a system of categorizing personality types. Of course personality is an "everyday life" (H48) phenomenon, so at present almost everyone who develops enough interest in The Work to become curious about the enneagram is immediately sidetracked (deviated) back into H48.

For those who are interested, there is an article "The Marketing of the Enneagram" in Telos Vol 4, No 2, that at least partially describes the history of this process. Currently, a portion of this article is available on the Telos website at

There are also a number of enneagram websites that can be accessed by entering "enneagram" as a keyword in any of the search engines. A review of these sites is almost an education in "deviations" in itself.

Diagram Five

The Enneagram - A symbol representing the process by which "deviations" maintain our enthrallment in everyday life.

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