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The Starving Sawmi Press
60 2nd Street
Athens, Ohio 45701

 If You Meet the Buddha, Eat the Buddha!
An Introduction to Modern Shark Veneration
by The Great Black Shark and Sawmi Sensei

Includes Publisher's Cataloguing in Publication Data (CIP)
Paperback, includes bibliographical references, illustrations, and index, 268 pages. $16.95

ISBN 0-9657046-0-2

What the Experts say about the Sawmi's book:
"You were such a sweet little boy. I know you won't do anything to embarrass the family." The Sawmi's Ol' Grandma

"If your mother had let me put you in a good Catholic school, none of this would have happened."
A spirit communication from the Sawmi's father (deceased)

"I'm sure it will be all right. I'll find the money somewhere."
The Sawmi's mother

"Whatever you say, dear." The Sawmi's girlfriend

"Your book sucks." The Sawmi's smartass little brother

"How many are you getting printed? You can't store them in our basement." The Sawmi's rich lawyer cousin

"It's OK. Jesus loves you no matter what you do."
The Sawmi's self-ordained minister cousin

"Hand over the kitty-food. Now!"
The Sawmi's preternaturally intelligent cat, Pumpkin


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